Catalogue (1-36)
Digital scans lives to an online archive (now taken down), a selection are presented below
Audience members where invited to scan the objects

This work has no single author, maker, producer, performer . Through mimicking methods of handling artefacts, in this durational (never finite) performance,  the participant(s) are invited to arrange the objects on the bed of the scanner, in any manner they wish. They are then invited to scan their display. This produces a 2D image which is directed, live, to an online platform, where all the images created are hosted. The images produced by the participants are the ‘product’, the ‘art’. The catalogue has with no individual author.

The ‘artefacts’ themselves are hand- modelled, based on the anatomy of the inner ear. By enlarging and objectifying the ear, the aesthetic dominates the auditory and the somatic.

The detachment of maker to product addresses issues surrounding authenticity and possession of the image, running parallel to themes concerning bodily ownership. The handling of the objects awards these fictional, manipulated parts the same care and attention as those with antiquity.


Scanning set up